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Veterinary Quality Dog Food At Supermarket Prices

FREE DELIVERY in Johannesburg & Pretoria *1

Veterinary Science Nutrition (VSN) was developed based on the need for premium quality pet food at an affordable price.


After extensive consultation with industry leading pet food nutritionists and veterinarians, the VSN products were formulated. The Adult VSN formulation was produced in a trial run of 20 tons which was offered to the general community. All responses were positive with many calls for the product to be made permanently available.

Our philosophy is to offer pet owners excellent quality food, at an affordable price.

A question that we are often asked is, “If VSN is so good, why is it so affordable?”

The answer is – We have cut out the middle-men and all their mark-ups! Essentially, we bring VSN straight from the factory and direct to your door!

Over the years we’ve seen pet food prices rise to the point where often the average household can’t afford to give their pets, especially dogs, the quality nutrition they deserve. This is a point of concern for us as we know the value and contribution of nutrition to a long and healthy life for dogs.

Now, we have created an outstanding quality dog food at an affordable price, using the same approach of high quality ingredients produced to perfection at a world-class facility. The result is Veterinary Science Nutrition.

We are so confident about our products that we offer a 100{0724df47a0335011ad28f005c6dad2fd9c4e3a852fadce6b38ba02a9fa37ade6} no questions asked money back guarantee. So if, for any reason, you are unhappy with your purchase please phone our customer care center and they will arrange for a full refund.

 “Price is what you pay, Value is what you get”  - Warren Buffet

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Delivery charge 1 bag (7.5kg)

Delivery charge 2 bags (15kg)

Delivery charge 3 bags (22.5kg)

Delivery charge 4 bags (30kg)

*1 Delivery is FREE OF CHARGE in the greater Johannesburg AND Pretoria area as designated by our courier partner. We have initiated plans to distribute free to the other major city centres.

*2 Delivery charges are represented in RSA Rands and are calculated in 30kg increments. That means you pay the same delivery charges for ONE, TWO, THREE or FOUR 7.5kg bags. The VSN product is currently only available for shipping from the Johannesburg distribution center and the shipping costs are calculated based on your proximity to this distribution center as well as the weight of the parcel. Local deliveries should not exceed the day following the order date. No deliveries on Weekends or Public Holidays. Tracking numbers will be available for tracking purposes if required. Note that a valid “Shipping Address” is required to be specified to allow for a delivery option. It is possible to distribute anywhere in South Africa but there will be higher shipping costs outside of the Gauteng area. VSN product distribution centers will be setup in the major cities allowing for the same cost effective “local delivery” shipping costs around the country. Select this text should you like to register to receive information regarding our roll out to the other city centers.

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